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Novurania has been bringing good ideas to the water for over forty years through innovative concepts, sophisticated styling, unsurpassed and proven engineering designs.

As the leading manufacturer of luxury yacht tenders, innovation is apparent in every model of our comprehensive line of boats. Our in-house engineers, equipped with the most advanced hardware and software applications, continue to introduce new models based on the needs of our direct clientele. Leading industry through innovation has always been paramount at NOVURANIA.

Ranger Mobile Debris  

Collection Vessel 

Standard Features

Overview of Function-

The Ranger mobile debris collector was designed and engineered as a cost effective and efficient solution to hunt down and extract floating debris.

The Ranger functions as a surface skimmer by moving forward through a body of water under its own power while being controlled by a single operator. Utilizing forward facing hydraulically controlled skimming arms the operator can gather a large amount of floating debris and redirect the debris under the unit itself. Once debris starts to gather under the Ranger a hydraulically controlled conveyor belt system moves the debris out of the water and deposits it in custom made debris sacks. Once full, the sacks are easily swapped for empty units via the built in hydraulically controlled boom crane and can be stowed onboard. The crane also makes larger floating debris removal easily onboarded as well as end of shift offloading of sacks for haul away.

Powered with fuel efficient midrange horse power four stroke fuel injected outboards the Ranger was designed to run all day while consuming minimal fuel. The entire hydraulic system runs via 12 volt motors keeping everything energy consumption at a minimum and allowing for the engines themselves to return charge to the battery bank. The aft mounted hydraulic boom crane is designed and placed to move loaded debris sacks around the vessel as well as assist in offloading any gear or large objects from the water up to 1000lbs safely.

Built from aluminum framing and stainless components the conveyor belt system is mounted via hydraulic rams. This allows the belting itself to sit well below the waterline while in service as well as the ability to raise for trailering or shallow water operations. 

From the custom-built cab, the operator has complete vessel control for the hydraulics systems, conveyor belt system, all navigation and electrical systems, communications and motor functionalities. Fitted with an air ride adjustable captains chair the helm was designed to be ergonomic as well as functional making long shifts less fatiguing. 

With the design of the forward folding arms, recessed conveyor belt and narrow beam the Ranger unit can be transported via custom trailer system without the need for component removal. The Ranger can be completely disassembled and will fit within a standard 40’ ocean freight shipping container if needed.




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